Mud Song: Poems

Truman State University Press, 2017


"In Mud Song, the swamps, back roads and small towns of Florida transcend setting and become something akin to personality. These are wild, harrowing, brightly colored poems, bristling with violence and trauma. The poet's language suprises and delights. Her wit is deft and sharp. The engines that power these vivid poesms are memory, desire, fear and, at times, a kind of holy rage." --Kevin Prufer, Judge, 2017 T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry


Winner of the T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry 2017

Winner of a Florida Book Award 2017

The Terrible Wife: Poems

Salt Publishing, 2013


“Terry Ann Thaxton’s new poems are uncompromisingly tough self-reckonings, unsentimental but always vulnerable examinations of how the past invariably haunts us. They are about what Richard Ellman labels the “controlled seething” from which enduring art must derive. They are also marvelously inventive in their ability to let the memories of Eros morph into occasions for exorcism, and to allow straightforward narrative to suddenly swerve toward the surreal. In other words, these the durable and always impassioned poems of a grown woman — and the sort of poetry that American verse very much needs these days.” —David Wojahn


Winner of a Florida Book Award 2014

Getaway Girl: Poems

Salt Publishing, 2011


"Terry Ann Thaxton holds the reader hostage, and sets her free at the same time, in poems that walk the line between pure tension and pure festival, terror and recreation, anxiety and beauty, and always with sure steps, perfect timing, uncanny musical intuition.  In Getaway Girl we are introduced to a poet who brings the world to us in eerie clarity, giving mystery and the spirit their full due while staying firmly grounded in the gritty details of a life. '"Let me demand//a vase as a sequel to myself.' Terry Ann Thaxton has given us the vase, and the self, and a whole new way of looking at this world in her remarkable, unforgettable, poetry collection." --Laura Kasischke


Winner of the 18th Annual Frederick Morgan Poetry Prize


Creative Writing in the Community

Bloomsbury, 2014


"Terry Ann Thaxton's thorough and thoughtful guide to community-based creative writing programs mixes inspiring stories with concrete strategies to turn inspiration into action. The voices gathered in [the book] make the strongest possible case for the value of the literary arts and convey the joy of helping students find their voices as writers, whether those students are seven or seventy years old." -- Amy Swauger, Director, Teachers & Writers Collaborative