Selected Poems Online & InPrint


"The Weight of a Man's Head," Lightning Key Review, 2017

"When Those Days Come," Appalachian Heritage, 2016

"Some Women," Lime Hawk, 2015

"The [       ] Woman," New Delta Review, 2012

"Florida Afternoon Forecast," Connotation Press, 2012

"Arbor Day, 1967," Connotation Press, 2012

"Walk or Fly, But Do Not Look Down," Connotation Press, 2012



Selected Essays Online & InPrint


"The T-8 Egg Ranch," Pithead Chapel, 2018

"Flesh & Bone," New Letters, 2018

"How My Body Was Made," Chattahoochee Review, 2018

"A Field Guide to My Father," Saw Palm: florida literature & art, 2017

"Stains," GTK Journal, 2015

"Delusions of Granduer," The Missouri Review, 2013

"In the Woods Behind the House," Defunct, 2013